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Towards a Positive Sex Shop Experience

This blog was inspired by a conversation with @PillowPrincessR on Twitter.

As a brand new sex shop, we initially tried to appeal to as many people as possible – from all walks of life and of all persuasions. I believe it’s essential in this day and age to promote a positive, appealing and “normalized” approach to our sexual lives – which is part of the reason why I set up this shop.

So to follow through with this – I thought I would start a blogging category shining a spotlight on the ways we try to change things in our shop to be as inclusive, positive, gender neutral and as ethical as  possible. So what have we done?

  • Removed all non “body-safe” product from our line. We went to our wholesaler and asked what products weren’t “body-safe” and we learnt that our “realistic vibrators” line weren’t. We now won’t stock that line, and we will make sure that all of our products are body-safe. If anyone has any concerns about any of our products – please let us know and we will investigate fully!
  • Gendered Bondage – our icon for the Bondage” category was a little too gendered, in that it showed a woman as the submissive. We swapped this to a more abstract icon of bondage.
  • Genital-based navigation – rather than saying “For Men” and “For Women”, we wanted to be a little more inclusive. I think there’s more work to be done here, but we thought a “For Myself”, “For Couples” and “For Fun” might be a more navigable way of searching for toys. In addition, sex toys are for genitals, not genders, so we’ve tried to make this part of our categorisations. WE are currently working on the best way to do this.

We aim to make a lot more improvements around our site to be as inclusive as possible – including improving accessibility for disabled users, making more blogs that are geared around gender-neutral toys, and an educational portion of our site.

We also want to weed out any unethical brands that are in our store – and replace them with a more ethical

If you have any ideas as to how we can improve our site & shopping experience, we want to know – get in touch with us now!

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